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A Tale of Three Pianos


When an anonymous donor became aware of the need for a better piano for music students at the Downtown Campus of Pikes Peak Community College, it set in motion a chain of piano moving.

Through the Ute Pass Chamber Players, a music ensemble based in Teller County, a brand new Yamaha grand piano was purchased for the college, an older piano from the college was donated to the Woodland Park Senior Center and the very tired grand piano from the Senior Center was donated to The Piano Project. 

Not only did the PPCC music students benefit, the Ute Pass Chamber players are now able to continue their free concerts at the Senior Center and The Piano Project will be painting their piano and setting it out in public venues in Colorado Springs, along with other donated pianos, to be enjoyed by anyone passing by.  Four non-profit organizations benefited from this piano exchange.

Clark Wilson, president of the Ute Pass Chamber Players said “It is our tremendous pleasure and honor to be able to facilitate this gift to the college from our donor and to benefit not only the college, but the Senior Center, the Ute Pass Chamber Players and The Piano Project as a result”.  Mr. Wilson, who is also on the music faculty at PPCC and a piano technician, donated his time and expertise to spend a day doing the prep work on the new piano.

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